Head up high and both feet firmly on the ground. This makes for a broad and reliable perspective.


Stone Zeppelin

Connecting People by Processing Design. Stone Zeppelin looks at your optimal product or innovation strategy from a designer-perspective and offers a full-service approach in its creative and practical implementation. That is how Stone Zeppelin contributes to a solid foundation for long-lasting customer loyalty, sustainable growth and success.

Innovative apps. Sleek city bike design. Washing machines that automatically grab your laundry from the laundry basket. Technical developments are ever accelerating, and innumerable new products find their way to the marketplace every day. When it comes to innovation, the sky is the limit.

And yet, only a small portion of this plethora of new products becomes successful – and an even smaller portion remains successful over time. This is because during the development process, we tend to focus on optimal functionality and infallible marketing while the actual customers’ needs are neglected.

This presents a huge opportunity. Because by mapping the primary customer need, we bridge the gap with the intended target group and ensure we invest in a product that is more likely to succeed and customer loyalty that is likely to last. Stone Zeppelin supports your company in mapping these primary customer needs in full, based on evidence.

We accomplish this by employing our strategic knowhow, using creative think-tank sessions and an empathic team approach. We offer support in determining the right frameworks as well as their creative execution. As a result, Stone Zeppelin helps create a solid-as-a-rock foundation for further development and guaranteed sustainable growth and success.

Our approach

Stone Zeppelin offers a 360-degrees approach to identifying your optimal product development. This approach includes the development of a perfect product strategy, (creative) support in the design process and support in the practical execution. And if you only require support in one specific area, Stone Zeppelin is happy to help on an ad-hoc basis.

Who is Stone Zeppelin?

Stone Zeppelin was founded by Peter Veldhoven. Peter specialised in user centred design during his Industrial Design major (TUDelft, 2005). He developed a successful design process involving bridging the gap between end-users’ needs and the principal’s business case. With his design agency Veeel Designers, he worked for established clients such as Unilever, Heineken, BAM and Philips, as well as start-ups such as MyBasket, Wolk and Koneksie.

Peter likes to work with existing project teams and has a good understanding of what people to include for fruitful support of these existing teams. For Stone Zeppelin, Peter draws from a carefully composed network of valued experts.

Is your company sufficiently in touch with the customer in order to realise sustainable growth and lasting success?

Stone Zeppelin would love to drop by for exploratory conversation, no strings attached.

Peter Veldhoven


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